Change Will Come Feat. TheSeKondElement & Bettis

by TheSeKondElement

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© 2012 vintage soul media


Change Will Come

[Verse 1][Bettis + TheSeKondElement]
Bettis: You ask if I’m my brother’s keeper
T2E: I was raised to believe that I am my sister’s keeper
Bettis: I keep him by my side
T2E: So I progress but look back to make sure that I can reach her

Bettis: You say war is not the answer
T2E: They’re telling us to keep the peace & stop the violence, it won’t solve any problems
Bettis: But yet continue to fight
T2E: But we’re running out of options, ‘cause the methods we’re trying ain't working, & my people in my city we’re hurting

Bettis: Peace amongst humanity,
T2E: Everybody’s seeking peace but no one’s willing to change
Bettis: Is what I pray.
T2E: Everybody’s seeking relief but no one’s willing to pray
Bettis: Times are changing
T2E: The generation before keeps reminding us things how different things are
Bettis: With every step we take
T2E: But no one’s willing to show us the way

So move on, stand strong
A change will come

[Verse 2][Bettis]
Jobs, healthcare, & housing
Look how far we’ve come
But we still must go further
The battle has just begun

Freedom of choice
Still being decried
Times are changing
With every step & every stride


I’m so tired of being tired, not knowing what to expect/ everyday another problem, shit is weighing on my chest/ as the murder rate is climbing, we rising, accruing debt/ obligations to humanity, infinite bounced checks / we’ve come to cash in, we want every last bit of change/ we running out of time, we can’t let things stay the same/ & the longer we wait the less our future is promised/ & I’m too young to go now I got some things left to accomplish/ so I’m holding on, yea I’m standing strong/ but the babies asking me what the hell is going on/ I wanna give ‘em answers but I ain't got none for myself/ I’m still wondering why 12 men control all of the wealth/ & why every politician’s better qualified to help/ & why this stressing over marriage just ain’t good for my health/ this gap between generations got our world degenerating/ if we kould see the resolution is better communication/ maybe we’d have a few answers to the queries that I’m statin/ each side kould have a chance to lead their own interrogation/ kuz at this rate we won’t make it I’m done waiting for a change/ gotta make it happen now, I can’t let things stay the same/


When I speak about The Ten Percent I don’t mean to sound like an elitist/ I’m just trying to get you to understand that we actually believe this/ yes we Have the audacious ideology & Unremitting Belief in the Revolutionary power of Inspiration to Stimulate change/ HUBRIS/ because it takes a little bit of arrogance to embark on a journey that requires a lifestyle of putting others first, and believing that we have the power to make a difference in their lives/ we do this/ they talk, we walk/ we prove this/ every single day we live our lives outside of the box/ in hopes of transforming the world we live in/ & we’re qualified for the job because we’re aware all we have to do is use the talents we’ve been given/ what everyone else seems to be missing is that we’ve been charged with a mission/ & we can’t stop until every last goal has kome to fruition/ & our work will live on even after our time here is finished/ because we are planting seeds that our successors will cultivate/ so that generations to kome will be slow to make/ the same mistakes/ that we once owned/ results of inept decisions because we didn’t know/ now that we’re conscious these dreams take on a life of their own/ now we can say we no longer merely wish or hope/ but we believe that as sure as the setting of the sun/ that one day CHANGE WILL COME


If you want to see change, be change
And if you want to see an improvement then improve
And if you’re looking for progress, stop looking & just progress
Begin the change with self
Because one day, self is all that will be left

A Change Will Come


released August 1, 2012
© 2012 vintage soul media



all rights reserved